Departments ATK(Advance Training Kitchen):-

The ATK Used for teaching and training of International Cuisines to students.. ATK deals with International Cuisine such as French , Oriental Chinese , Thai , Italy ,Germany , Spain , Greece , Mexican , Mediterranean etc also practices larger products. The ATK IOS the place where finishing touches are given to the budding Chefs.

QTK(Quality Training Kitchen):-

Quantity Training Kitchen, shortly known as Q.T.K is meant for the second year degree students’ cooking practical. No doubts this kitchen can produce meals for few hundreds to thousand at one go due to its state of the art infrastructure. It is equipped with all the modern kitchen gadgets. This kitchen deals with all the Indian, Regional dishes as per curriculum of National council. Every day a set of Regional dishes are prepared by the students under the students under the supervision and guidance of the senior faculty and technically qualified assistants. Theme food preparation as well as the various festival food presentations is the soul aim in this kitchen. At the end of the routine preparation, all the food are served in a buffet to all the students.

BTK(Basic Training Kitchen):-

The BTK is used for providing training to the students in basic Continental and Indian cuisines. The kitchen is equipped with latest equipments.

Bakery & Confectionary:-

The Bakery & Confectionary department trains the students in the art of making yeast products, flour confectionary products, chocolates, cold and hot pudding in order to prepare them face the challenges of the industry.

House Keeping:-

The Institute is equipped with the most modern automatic machines to train the students to provide clean and hygienic atmosphere. The Guest rooms with most modern facility also help the students to obtain practical training.

Front Office:-

The front office is known as the nerve centre of the hotel,the front office laboratory of the Institute is designed with special care to provide training to the students. The Front Office department in a Hotel is responsible for the sale of hotel rooms. Through systematic methods of reservations followed by registration process and assigning rooms to clients.50% of revenue earned by hotel is through room sales. Students specialize in customer handling, communication skills, Hospitality service and guest satisfaction and these skills are being taught in Front Office Department.


Institute has got functional laundry with modern laundry equipments to train the students and equip them to face challenges in real life situation.

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